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Emergency plans serve as the foundation for being prepared for emergencies and disasters of all kinds. MedEPrep can help with services from hazard and risk assessments, to written  emergency  plans, policies, procedures, and business continuity planning, incorporating national standards such as HICS and NIMS as appropriate.


Plans serve as the foundation for your emergency preparedness program, but staff must be trained on the plan. Training programs tailored to meet your needs in a variety of formats ranging from computer based response systems to hands on response applications.


Emergency plans must be exercised routinely to ensure readiness. Customized exercise programs can be designed for the maximum advantage to your organization following established Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines. Examples of exercise services include exercise writing, exercise evaluation and improvement planning, and exercise facilitation.

Healthcare Coalitions

Healthcare coalitions are being created across the country to bring health and medical partners together in emergency preparedness. Coalition building can be challenging and complex. Our experience building and leading healthcare coalitions can help your organization tackle this daunting task.